Welcome to the homepage of JSC Japan Senior Community !!!

Care Community Japan (CCJ), aiming to establish a high-quality, Japanese care home for the elderly in the UK with meticulous and heartfelt services, had been actively working since 2019. However, due to various circumstances, it ceased its activities and dissolved in January 2024.

However, rather than nullifying its past efforts, JSC Japan Senior Community was established in February 2024 as a volunteer group to inherit the activities. It aims to cherish the valuable information and connections built over the years, believing in the possibility of realising the project with the following philosophy and goals:

1)To attract Japanese care homes and home care companies to the UK that provide high-quality, heartfelt care services for the elderly, contributing to the welfare of elderly Japanese residents in the UK.

2)To share information on various issues related to elderly residents in the UK (medical care, nursing care, dementia, inheritance, gifts, wills, housing, pensions, social security, guardianship, and other general matters) and to act and think together as a community.

Specifically, the activities include:
*Distributing information about JSC activities and end-of-life planning through JSC’s website and email newsletter.
*Attracting Japanese care homes and home care companies to the UK.
*Exchanging information and opinions on the current and ideal states of care in the UK and Japan, dementia, and end-of-life planning through the JSC Facebook Group (with 107 registered members).
*Holding end-of-life planning seminars via Zoom on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
*Encouraging member-initiated activities such as community-based home care services, dementia cafes, Japanese food catering services, dining and tea parties.

JSC Japan Senior Community operates as a non-profit organisation without membership fees or annual subscription fees, aiming not for profit. We ask for your good understanding of the philosophy and goals of JSC – Japan Senior Community through this website and support and cooperation in our activities.

JSC Japan Senior Community
Representative Masaki Takashima